The Modern Entrepreneur


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This book tells you exactly what you need to know about how to be a modern entrepreneur whom doesn’t need to have no specific talent, no specific profession and no specific knowledge. In this book you will discover where I came from, how I got started and what makes me super successful.

  1. How to start a business within someone else’s business?
  2. How to be a consultant with no knowledge?
  3. How to be a successful salesman?
  4. How to be a Dropshipper? Someone who sells things that he does not have to have.
  5. How to start from the bottom to top?
  6. How to use other’s knowledge to be super rich?
  7. How to be the middle man?
  8. How to be the top earner of the company that partners with you on a percentage sales rate?
  9. How to make your first $10,000?
  10. How to target and find clients

After reading this book, you will call me to thank me every now and then. It’s OK I will be happy ? ? ?. And guess what if you read that book and get nothing out of it, I will give you a FREE dinner with all my partners included.

And I am waiting for you to take a full consultation from me to advise you more on starting your soon to be big thing.